Anita R. K.: My little Indian mother and I were ranting about ign’ant ass people...


My little Indian mother and I were ranting about ign’ant ass people being mad about Miss America being an Indian American woman, saying shit about her being Arab (which wouldn’t even be a fucking problem because there is nothing wrong with anyone’s heritage) because all brown people are the…

"That awkward moment when you realize that you’re a minority in the desi world because you’re studying public health when most other desis are planning on becoming doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen or something else that is deemed acceptable by the desi community. ;)"

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Amen! As a Desi guy studying architecture I get the most confused looks from the older members of our community

Them:.” Architecture…isn’t that just engineering…?”


Its like seriously, open your minds to the world of possibilities people.

WILDE THING: "Brown people"


Arabs can be cream, graham cracker, and coffee coloured and it’s so beautiful.

I think it’s lovely that “Arab” isn’t an indication of skin colour (unless you’re an ignorant shit or work for the fucking TSA, then any brown person is Arab, even Indians).

But here I am going to college and…

That last point is interesting because as an Indian I’m always lost as to what to put as my ethnicity, 99% of the time it’s Asian. Yet, at no other point am I considered Asian, except these forms.


psa PLEASE STOP pretending Canada is a magical fairlyland utopia of equality and perfection and niceness just because we have gay marriage and health care and we say ‘sorry’ if we bump into someone in the street. It’s exactly because of this really popular stereotype that people get away with horrible things in our country, because no one acknowledges the existence of anything bad here.

Yup, these presumptions also perpetuate the idea that Canada is a simple place with no issues for itself. Face the fucking fact, we do have our fair share of issues, no country is ridden of deep-seated troubles, and when the bullshit veil of niceness and maple syrup is removed, we’ll be able to address the major elephants in the room. 

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11 Things to Know Before Starting Architecture School

Only a month, I’ll start drinking more tea from now on (he says with a coffee in hand)


I really, really need to figure out what i want to do for Halloween, maybe Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry